Harm Reduction Approach

The Toronto Hoarding Support Services Network operates and works with clients throughout the City of Toronto using a Harm Reduction Approach. Our client-centered approach to service takes into account each individual; is respectful, flexible, culturally responsive, and non-judgmental; empowers clients to make decisions; and above all, recognizes the intrinsic value and dignity of all human beings.

The THSSN Harm Reduction Approach:

• Accepts risk-taking as normal human behaviour

• Recognizes that people have more success in changing behaviours when they make choices that reduce the possibility of harm, rather than completely eliminating harm or risk as their first step towards change

• Encourages people to start “where they’re at” in order to protect themselves, their partners and their communities

• Recognizes the intrinsic value and dignity of all human beings

• Does not judge individuals on the basis of their individual behaviours

• Accepts that isolating people and communities based on moral judgments is harmful

• Enhances social and health programs, disease prevention and education by reducing oppression

• Expects accessible, flexible, culturally responsive and non-judgmental services for all

• Recognizes the rights and abilities of individuals in making their own choices